Brett Whitacre

Brett Whitacre Stairs

Introducing Brett Whitacre

Brett Whitacre is a self-taught American artist living and working in Northern Illinois. His art is inspired by a mix of vintage and modern advertising as well as American history.

Upon moving to Chicago in 2000 he began collecting otherwise discarded materials from alleyways such as old window panes, television sets, luggage, and salvaged wood. He applies his imagery to the found objects juxtaposing old and new. The end result of his work tends to have a strong modern feel contrasted with a rustic warmth.

We personally own a few key pieces of Brett's work in our own home including a commissioned painting of Allen's Gucci Shoes.   We were fortunate to meet Brett in Chicago and are always amazed at his creativity, drive and kindness.    His art speaks to several  people across many generations - mostly with a smile and laugh.    From large murals to small paintings, Brett is a renaissance man for our generation.

Alma Home has had the privilege of partnering with Brett to offer smaller one-of-a-kind paintings on this site.   These adorable paintings are perfect for those starting an art collection or adding to one.  


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